Marin County and Oregon, USA

Apparently there are only two Filbert Streets in the whole-wide world, one is in San Francisco the other is in Leicester. (I’m sure that that’s wrong, but it makes for a good story) This photo was taken in San Francisco around about 1998 with my old university chum Amy. My biggest worry before I started…… Continue reading Marin County and Oregon, USA


I cycled West headed for the coast from Eugene to Walton and stayed with Tonia and Hal. They own a retreat with yurts. It was amazing. The food was from the garden and it tasted so good.


I spent three days in Eugene, cycling round the city on a Raleigh sit up and beg bike which reminded me of my Raleigh Crapice. I visited the museum and the famous stadium and stayed with a lovely family, Otis and Zondie and their two very shy daughters who I tried bribing with butterfly badges…… Continue reading Eugene


I made it to Corvallis’s Fall fair and had a look around the town. These signs are pretty popular in a lot of the cities that I’ve visited. I haven’t caught a bus in quite a few days now. My bike rides smoothly at the moment and I’m not suffering with idleness either .


An amazing ride from Independence to Monroe, only 30 miles and I managed to squeeze in a 30min back massage before the start of the ride. Monroe was a bit off the beaten track which was great. I spent the night at the Deatons. Their daughter and son in the morning showed me around the…… Continue reading Monroe


Above is an airstrip. The garages are hangars and the locals fly their planes down the strip. From the other side the hangars just look like garages.


A door that I spotted on the way to McMinnville. I was cycling through wine country They have a airplane and space museum which houses the Spruce Goose, a massive aeroplane made mainly of birch. There’s also a really interesting hotel with interesting art, the hotel Oregon I spent 5 days in McMinnville. My hosts…… Continue reading McMinnville