Your First Cycle Tour

The beauty of touring is that there are so many different ways to tour. From fully loaded to minimalistic bike packing and everything else in between. The bicycle that you currently have maybe suitable for your tour, it all depends on what type of tour you are wanting to do. If you are riding roads a road bicycle would be suitable, off road and rough track maybe a mountain bicycle or gravel bicycle may suit the terrain the best. I’ve met tourers riding a whole range of different bicycles. I’ve met one cyclist who cycled from Cambodia to Malaysia on a sit up and beg.

Why Cycle Tour?

It gets you off the well – beaten track.

It’s a great way to see, smell, feel a place at a slower pace.

It gives you a whole sense of independence, you are getting yourself from A to B to C.

There’s so much flexibility to it.  It could be for one day, a few days, a few weeks, a few years.

It means that you can also eat a lot.

Do you need a touring bicycle to tour?

It is an good excuse to buy another bicycle. But as I mentioned no not necessarily. You can near enough tour on any bicycle. You just have to consider the terrain to ensure that you have the right bicycle.

There are so many different set ups.

Where to go?

Step out of your door and just ride to somewhere, anywhere and stay the night elsewhere and then cycle home the next day.

Catch a train, and cycle back home.

Follow a tried and tested route like a Coast 2 Coast or Coast and Castles

The National Cycling Network is a great resource

Daily Mileage

This is all down to you AND where your accommodation is. You can do 10 miles a day or 100 miles a day, this all depends on your fitness levels, the terrain and what your goals are. You may just want to do a lot of miles and achieve a target number of miles in a tour, for example Lands End to John O’Groats in 9 days or you may want to stop and smell the roses.


There are so many different ways to navigate.

Electronic gadgets including your mobile phone

There are the good old fashioned maps

National Cycling Network routes are signposted

What to take with you.

Obviously it all depends on how long you are away for and what type of cycle touring you are doing. Whatever you plan to take with you try and half it, the less that you carry the easier the ride. Don’t forget the Waterproofs, Tool Kit and some food

How Fit Do I Need to be to Tour?

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