The Bicycle

My bicycle actually took 18 months of searching before I found the perfect fit. I knew that I wanted a touring bicycle but I found that a lot of the touring bicycles out there were just too big for me, I’m 5ft 2″. I finally discovered the 46cm 26″ wheeled Surly Long Haul Trucker which I bought from Spa Cycles; they were great because they had a whole range of touring bicycles in stock that you could try out.

My second year cycle touring in France, now with front and rear panniers.

I had my bicycle for about 5 years before I took it on my round the world tour so I had a chance to make a few changes. The best change that I made was the addition of a dynohub which enabled me to charge my gadgets and as well as provide power for my lights.

I have a Dutch style bicycle lock on the rear wheel. I changed the quick release skewers on the wheels to anti-theft skewers. I have a Blackburn handlebar mirror, which was invaluable.

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