What Gear Do I need for Touring?

A question frequently asked ‘Do I need a tourer for touring?’ No, not necessarily. There are advantages to tourers Designed to carry a heavy load. Long wheel-base to more stable Multiple hand position The geometry means that it’s more upright. It is possible to make a few adaptations to your bicycle to make it easier… Continue reading What Gear Do I need for Touring?

Am I Fit Enough to Tour?

Cycle touring is exciting and challenging but without the fitness it will be hell. I know that some people do build up their touring gradually on a very long tour, and this is possible, but it may also mean that you’ll be doing quite short rides initially. It could also mean without the miles and… Continue reading Am I Fit Enough to Tour?

Lisbon, Madrid, Leicester

My flight from San Francisco to London Heathrow was only $115 and there was the option of having a layover of up to 5 days in Portugal. So of course I stopped off on my way home. I wasn’t really ready to go home. Lisbon I took a real liking to Lisbon. I loved the… Continue reading Lisbon, Madrid, Leicester

Marin County and Oregon, USA

My biggest worry before I started this tour was arriving at passport control and being refused entry into the country. Before entering any country I would quadruple check that I had the requirements for entry and then double check again.  It would always be the part of the journey where my heart would be beating… Continue reading Marin County and Oregon, USA


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I originally started this blog to detail my solo cycle around the world. this blog is a great resource for cycling touring as well as cycling in general. I hope that you find the information that you are looking for.

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