86% Eclipse

Vancouver experienced an 86% of the solar eclipse. A postman asked me if I’d seen it whilst I was cycling past, I hadn’t, so I dropped my bike and he lent me his special glasses.I spent the night in Langdale at a warmshower’s host house, Jenny and Adam. They are keen astronomers, it was a…… Continue reading 86% Eclipse

Clean Bike

I got all excited thinking that I was going to get my bike washed because at home car valeting means that they wash your car. Here bike valet means bike park 😐, but I was very grateful for it.Today was Vancouver’s inaugural City Ride – a mass participation ride where they close the roads to…… Continue reading Clean Bike

Off to Vancouver

To avoid the smoke from all of the forest 🌳 fires 🔥 I've decided to take a Greyhound to Vancouver. Unfortunately my bike 🚴 has to be boxed, this is my first attempt at boxing the bike myself 🤣. Luckily I took photos and laminated them when Billy (Billy Bespoke Bicycle Company) first boxed my…… Continue reading Off to Vancouver

Chucking Stuff Out

Currently trying to downsize my kit at the moment so everyday I'm trying to give my stuff away. Today it's natural bug spray that doesn't really work and a folding stool which I've used once. I'm hoping that the grams eventually become kilograms.

Canmore to Golden

To make life a little easier we caught a bus from Canmore to Banff to cut down on travel time. A lot of the local buses have these bike racks on the front, they also have space inside the bus for bikes too. I'm very impressed.Today's ride was from Field to Golden in British Columbia.…… Continue reading Canmore to Golden

Bye Bye Canmore

We’ve spent the past week in Canmore staying at Alan Hobson’s house. We met him a few weeks ago on the Icefield Parkway, he impressed me with his knowledge of Leicester and the discovery of Richard the third, so of course we got on well. Originally we were meant to stay the weekend but stayed…… Continue reading Bye Bye Canmore


Yesterday was a day trip to Calgary on the Greyhound. Most of our time was spent in an outdoor store, we've had to reassess our equipment. We were carrying too much and stuff that was suitable for a two week tour just was suitable for a two year one. A chance to hit the city…… Continue reading Calgary

Eek a Wolf

We saw a wolf whilst out riding in Banff. Sighting of wolves are very rare, they generally like to steer clear of humans – how lucky we're we to spot it. We were later told by someone local that it was most probably a coyote as there are only two wolves in the whole of…… Continue reading Eek a Wolf