Malaysian Chinese New Year

I spent the first part of Chinese New Year in Muar at Waka Lily’s hostel.  Lily, who is one of the owners, invited me to her family home for her a meal and her aunties and mum were all kind enough to give me a red packet ‘Ang Pow’.  I also ended up in one…… Continue reading Malaysian Chinese New Year

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

My New Year’s was spent with my friend Milissa, her husband Del and Del’s family from the UK and Malaysia.  Milissa has been lucky enough to have known me for just over 40 years.  So whilst they were on holiday in Malaysia, I hung out with them and enjoyed their family holiday, which was amazing,…… Continue reading Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Lombok to Muar

I flew from Bangkok, Thailand to Lombok, Indonesia mid-September which was about 6 weeks after Lombok had experienced really bad earthquakes in the north of the island. I had booked my flight weeks before the earthquakes which was why I was flying to Lombok. The south of the island had not been affected by the…… Continue reading Lombok to Muar

Langkawi, Malaysia

I spent nearly 6 weeks in Langkawi, Malaysia. Langkawi is a small island off the Malaysian and Thai coast and it’s known for being duty free. So I was initially only going to stay a few days as I thought that it was going to be really rowdy because of the cheap booze. It was…… Continue reading Langkawi, Malaysia


I surprised myself and got to Penang about two weeks earlier than I expected. I’ve been enjoying riding in Malaysia so I guess I was hoping that the whole experience would last longer than it did. So I ended up spending two weeks in Penang relaxing and cycling around the island. There’s loads of street…… Continue reading Penang

KL to Taiping

I met this group of five riders in Teluk Intan. They’re from Kuala Lumpur and they were cycling around the whole of Malaysia. They called themselves Lima Kaki (five legs). They were heading in the opposite direction to me and to be honest my plan that day after leaving them was to try and work…… Continue reading KL to Taiping

Melaka to KL

When I left Melaka I met two older men at a service station. They were funny. The first man, Rahman, said that had it not been Ramadan he would have taken me to lunch, he said that if I’m in Melaka after Ramadan I should get in touch. The second one had to ask if…… Continue reading Melaka to KL

A Year

I spent my one year anniversary touring with Khim in Sean in Melaka. I keep on being asked by people about how many miles I have done over the past year. I could actually tell people but I don’t because if I work it out. What I’ve cycled in the past year is far less…… Continue reading A Year