More Hawaii

One of the Christmas Dand Sculptures in the Sheraton Waikiki. We watched the sunrise, hiked, snorkelled and ate shaved ice, which was one of Obama’s favourites eats. Cactus flower Tatiana made me swim in the sea, which was good as I’m not a strong swimmer. Tatiana found a bottle washed up on the beach. It…… Continue reading More Hawaii


A few days in a met three others and we spent the next week together hiking and on the beach and taking a ridiculous number of photos Me and Mamen We got up early to watch the Sun rise. This is a fake lagoon. Dole pineapple plantation. Samir, Tatiana and Mamen

Hawaii was a Slog

The weather forecast for my 9 days on the island wasn’t particularly promising. Outside the Iolani palace. He was a very graceful dancer. My first few days were spent sightseeing. Waikiki where I was staying was very touristic. On this section of the tour my bike stayed in its box, I couldn’t be arsed to…… Continue reading Hawaii was a Slog